HAL Control Panel

Use this page to administer your account with HAL's Club Results Service, the on-line partner to the sailing regatta scoring program HAL's Race Results.

If you log in using the green panel without a password you are completely safe.
Nothing you do will alter the data held on the server.

You can get links to your results, so that you can incorporate them into emails or put them into your own web site. You can also get a calendar of all the race results held on the server for your club. All you need is your club's login name.

Insert your login name (usually based on the club's initials)

If you add your password in the red panel, you gain full access to the server.

Here you can add new result sets to your club account, delete result sets, alter the colours used to style your results, add a banner to be shown above your results, or edit the details held about your club. You need to supply your password in addition to your login name.

Add your password for full access to the site

Or if you have forgotten your password

Or if you do not have an account, you can set one up here

If your club does not have an account, but uses HAL's Race Results, create one so that you can get your results onto the web the easy way.

Set up a new club account

Name of the club

Desired login

Email address

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